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101 Reasons To Be Happy and Grateful

There are so many reasons to be grateful for being you. If you find that you are discouraged and feel like giving up, remember, there are so many amazing things that happen everyday to be happy and grateful for in your life. Read this list every day to remind yourself how wonderful life can be. Add new things to the list that you feel grateful for in your life. Before you know it, you will start to feel better even when things don't always go your way. All you have to do is remind yourself of all the wonderful things that do go your way. See how many of these things apply to your life and strive each day to be happy and grateful.

1. A loving family that is there when you need them.

2. Wonderful friends that stick with you in the good times and bad.

3. Hugs from your kids, followed by , "I love you".

4. Your family being healthy.

5. Encouraging words.

6. Unconditional love.

7. Having someone say, "I love you".

8. Food on the table to nourish you.

9. A roof over your head to keep safe and warm.

10. The feeling that everything will be okay.

11. People who are honest with you.

12. Random acts of kindness.

13. The ability to forgive and forget

14. Having someone say they believe in you.

15. Secrets shared with a trusted friend that are kept.

16. Having someone say, "you did a great job".

17. Putting on your favorite comfortable clothes and taking off your shoes when you get home.

18. The ability to be creative and imaginative.

19. Knowing that if you fail, you can try again.

20. The ability to take a deep breath and relax.

21. Smiling at people and having them smile back at you.

22. Rain drops on your face.

23. Laying on a blanket in the park and reading a great book.

24. Sunshine on your face.

25. Dancing in the rain.

26. Trees blowing in the wind.

27. White puffy clouds.

28. The beauty of autumn leaves changing colors.

29. Wide open spaces.

30. Laughing so hard you cry.

31. Fuzzy slippers to keep your feet warm on a cold morning.

33. Doing something special for someone and making them smile.

34. A big comfy chair to relax in at the end of a hard day's work.

35. Clean clothes to wear.

36. Dancing and playing with your children.

37. A glass of cold water on a hot day.

38. A long leisurely lunch with your friends and good conversation.

39. Lounging on the couch watching a great movie.

40. Having a support system.

41. Laughter from a baby.

42. Watching your baby take their first steps.

43. Having all the bills paid and having a little cash left over to buy something you've always wanted.

44. Chocolate!

45. A long warm shower to sooth sore muscles.

46. A comfortable bed and pillows to rest.

47. Time alone.

48. Being healthy.

49. Time to daydream.

49. Driving down the road with the radio blasting and singing along to your favorite songs.

50. A long hot bubble bath and candles and soft music.

51. Time to meditate.

52. Spending the day fishing.

53. A day off with no errands to run.

54. Sleeping in and getting up and popping on the couch and just having a completely lazy day.

55. The smell of fresh flowers.

56. The ability to learn something new.

57. A beautiful sunset or sunrise

58. Accomplishing difficult tasks and the feeling it gives you.

59 Soft toilet paper.

60. Having choices.

61. Electronic technology, computers, tv, gps navigation, cell phones.

62. Taking a long hike and enjoying the beauty of the mountains.

63. Inventions that make our lives easier.

64. Waking up and just feeling good.

65. Your five senses. Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch.

66. Coming home to a clean house.

67. A much-needed vacation.

68. A brand-new notebook and pen to write down all your thoughts and feelings.

69. Working arms and legs.

70. Second, third, and fourth chances.

71. Digital cameras to keep all your memories fresh in your mind.

72. Getting healthy again after being sick and learning to appreciate how it feels to be healthy.

73. The perfect pair of jeans or shoes.

74. Rainbows, lakes, waterfalls, rushing streams, and the roar of the ocean.

75. Baby animals.

76. Bare feet on carpet or grass.

77. Long warm kisses.

70. Overcoming and facing your fears.

71. Jumping into the water on a hot day.

72. Having a shoulder to lean on.

73. Looking forward to a bright future.

74. The ability to read.

75. Finishing your to do list.

76. Being alive.

77. The snooze button.

78. Homemade cookies straight for the oven.

79. Home-cooked meals.

80. Private moments with loved ones.

81. The ability to continue your education.

82. A job and income to pay the bills.

83. Difficult times to learn and grow from.

84. Overcoming difficult challenges and succeeding.

85. Learning from your mistakes.

86. Your favorite cup of coffee or energy drink to start the day off right.

87. Being able to buy groceries.

88. Unlimited books to read and enjoy.

89. The experience of frustration, then figuring things out.

90. Music!

91. Sheer determination that pulls you through the tough times.

92. The four seasons.

93. Family traditions.

94. The wisdom of old people.

95. A long walk in nature.

96. Someone letting you in on the freeway.

97. Scented candles.

98. The ability to give and receive love.

99. The ability to follow your dreams.

100. Air-conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter.

101. Waking up each day, taking a deep breath and knowing you have another day to accomplish on your dreams.

Well, how many of these apply to you? It's amazing how much you have to be grateful for each day. Keep adding new things to be grateful for each day to this list and smile and be happy.

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