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"I Am" Positive Affirmation Books

These positive little books will help lighten your day and get it started out the right way. Whenever you are feeling sad or blue, take out your book and read it, it will help you get through. You'll feel motivated to get things done, and you can take it with you when you’re on the run. The books are paperback printed on quality gloss paper and card stock. They measures 6" x 6" so you can take it anywhere with you. These little books make a wonderful gift for friends or family to cheer them up and let them know you care. You can get just one, a pack of 10 to share with friends or packs of 100 if you'd like to offer them to groups. You can read along to the books by clicking on the links or book photos below.

I Am Creative

Every Day Brings New and Exciting Opportunities.

My name is Agzar and I'm here to make your day start out right, I will help get your imagination going all day and night. So if you're feeling creative but don't know where to start, read this fun little book and take it to heart.

Are you creative and love to invent, and you always come up with cool things to present? Do you sometimes feel like your imagination fails and you get frustrated with little details? Read this fun little book every morning and night and soon your creativity will be inspired and bright. The more you create the better you'll feel, you may even feel like doing a cart wheel.

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I Am Joyful
I Am Joyful

I Am Deserving of All The Love and Happiness in The World!

Hi, my name is Anazana . I'm here to help you start every day out feeling happy and joyful. Each day before you get out of bed, take a few minutes to read this little book. Start your day out saying I am joyful and glad, and don't allow yourself to feel worried or sad. Each day is a fresh new start, to be happy and joyful and feel warmth in your heart. The world around you will seem more excepting and you'll feel content, because before you got out of bed your time was well spent.

This fun little book is positive and upbeat, I hope you enjoy it and spread joy to everyone you meet. This fun little book is filled with positive affirmations about being happy, joyful and upbeat and includes a cute character that is joyful and sweet

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I Am Persistent
I Am Persistent

I Believe in My Abilities
and I Believe in Me!

Hi, my name is Alezala and I am here to help you get things done, so you will have more time to have some fun. You know if you are persistent your life will work out great. Before you know it your mood will elevate. This little book is a quick read, take a few minutes to read it to yourself or out loud, it will help you to feel awesome, amazing and proud.

If you find yourself having a hard time sticking things out, this positive little book can help you no doubt. Every morning before you rise take a few minutes to read it out loud or to yourself, don't just let it sit on the shelf. Keep it close by to read throughout the day, whenever you feel yourself slipping away, take a few minutes to read it without delay.

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