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Get Out Of Crisis Mode And Express Your Greatness

During this difficult time in the world, it is hard to stay positive.

Yes, things are scary out there.

Things are uncertain and we don't know how to feel.

We are all filled with worries about finances, being alone, fear and our health.

However . . .

It is not the time to feel scared, frustrated, depressed and out of sorts.

Now is a time for quiet reflection.

Time to get to know yourself.

It is the time to find your greatness.

Time to open your heart and go deep within and realize your true potential.

Talk to yourself! Ask the hard questions.

What do I want out of my life?

What is really important?
Take time to go deep within your heart and soul and find that inner power we all have.

Take time to learn all the things you never had time for and get to know the real you. The one with all the inherent potential to be truly great. You have it inside, now take the time you've been given to find it and let it shine through.

Find your inner greatness! YOU ARE SPECIAL!

You have potential you haven't allowed yourself to see or achieve.

You have time now for solitude to find the part of you that has been hidden deep inside your whole life.

What Is YOUR Greatness?

Do you want to spend this time feeling scared, weak and frustrated? Or, do you want to spend it learning and growing to become everything you were meant to be?

You have the INNER POWER to become an AMAZING PERSON.

This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to push away all the negative inner and outer chatter from yourself and the world and focus on becoming the amazing person you were meant to be.

Until now, you have had too many distractions. With work, daily tasks and an endless list of responsibilities.

You have been given the GIFT OF TIME.

What you do with that gift is up to you.

Take all the time you have while confined to your house to learn new things, get to know what makes you happy, what brings you joy, what brings you fulfillment and what gives serenity to your life.

Spend a couple of hours everyday asking yourself what you really want from your life.

Think about it, until you know the real you, no one else can truly know you either. If they don't know the real you, how can they possibly love the real you?

Strive to achieve all the wonderful things you have always dreamed you could become. You have the time now! What better way could you spend this time than to become your true, authentic self. What better way could you spend this time that to finally achieve your dreams.

Now is the time to be STRONG and COURAGEOUS. Now is the time to reflect on your life and make the hard choices. What do you really care about? What is the most important thing you can do right now to make your life the life you have always dreamed was possible for you?

Instead of being frustrated by being forced into solitude, take this precious time to work on your dreams and make the BEST LIFE you can imagine for yourself.

Take time to become the you that has been hidden.

The you that doesn't feel you are enough and know YOU ARE ENOUGH!

You no longer have to impress anyone or try to fit into the crowd. What better time than now to find your true INNER POWER and build the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS?

This solitary time is the best gift you'll ever receive. It is the gift of time to go inside and find your true self and find your inner strength and power. YOU CAN DO IT! You must believe you have the power within you to be whatever you can see for yourself.

Imagine if everyone took this time to become their best self? What a different more positive world we could live in when this is over.

Imagine as people come out of their houses again and everyone is serene, joyful and only showing their best self.

Oh, Just Imagine.

What a beautiful world we would live in.

Be Strong! Be Courageous!

Find your inner power, your inner beauty, your inner strength and serenity and you will soar to new heights.

Find Yourself!

Find Your Best Self an Share It With the World!

Express Your Greatness!

Copyright 2020 Tracie Johansen. Get a Free copy of "I Am Fearless" eBook just Click Here! This little book can help you face your fears and be strong. As long as you stay focused on what you really want, you can push fear away.

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