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I Am Happy To Be Me

I Am Happy To Be Me Is All About Expressing Your True Self!

Being Authentic Is The Most Amazing Way To Live Your Life To The Fullest!
Are You Ready To Live An Authentic Life?
Don't Give Your Life Away Anymore

We go through life trying to be accepted even at the high cost of losing ourselves in the process. Being authentic comes with a price too however it is worth the price.

When you are authentic, you attract people like you. Then you have someone to talk to and compare things with that feel the same passion for things as you.

When you are around people who are not like you, you are uncomfortable and just try to give them whatever they want so you don't have to deal with unacceptance.

Being Authentic is Risky!
Are You Ready To Take A Risk?

You may have to spend some time alone at first. You may lose friends; you may feel sad.

But get out there and find groups and places where people with your same beliefs and values hang and meet some likeminded people just like you.

Once you have become the authentic you, your life will take on a whole new meaning. I know change is scary, but so is spending night after night being miserable.

Take the risk and you'll find so much more joy in life. You will look forward to getting out of bed and starting your day instead of having the feeling of pure dread.

The Thing Is...

We hang out on facebook and other social media sites and waste time. We are bored with our own life's so we go see what everyone else is doing. Of course, people only post the good things they do to give the illusion they have a perfect life. Then we get depressed because they have a better life than us.

So, we buy things we can't afford, to impress people we don't like, just to look more interesting and successful then we really are. We tell people only the good things in our lives, then cover up or omit the bad stuff.

We make friends with people we don't like just to avoid being alone. Then we feel resentful for having to put up with being bored hanging out with people who share no common beliefs or values. The longer we stay with these friends the worse we feel. We become even more unhappy and lose even more of who we really are.

It's time to take off your mask and be vulnerable. Oh my, I said the "V" word. This word scares most people to no end. To be vulnerable means to let your guard down and show your true authentic self. This can leave you open to unacceptance, ridicule and make people you know push you away.

But, Do You Really Like the People
You Hang Out With? Honestly?

Have you ever sat back and really listened to what your friends say, then what you say? If you recorded your conversations with them would it make you happy to hear what you are saying or would you be appalled?

Most of what you think and say does not reflect the real you. You spend your life listening to other people's opinions, thoughts and values and your subconscious mind starts to believe what you hear. It takes over and controls your thoughts and keeps you stuck living your life filled with limiting false beliefs.

You catch yourself saying and doing things you do not understand. Then you say, "what"? Why did I do that? It's not your fault. Your subconscious has control and until you reprogram it to your true beliefs and values you will keep doing the same things and keep wondering why.

See, your subconscious mind believes these things to be true so it tells you how to react to things to protect you. The problem is it is really feeding you false information.

Imagine This Scenario

A friend asks you to go bar hopping with them. You loathe bar hopping. Your first thought is, "I would rather get a root canal, it would be less painful". But, out of fear of rejection and winding up alone, you say, "I would love to". Then your conscious mind says, WHAT? And one again you have to spend a dreadful night acting happy about doing something you loathe. You spend the entire night miserable and have to act in ways that make you feel uncomfortable, fake and unhappy.

Or, you could say no thank you! Then spend the night alone. However, while you are spending the night alone, you can work on reprograming your mind to a better, healthier place. Or, you could find a more enjoyable activity in town where you could meet people more like yourself.

The choice is always yours. If you refuse to let yourself be taken in by false beliefs and lies you've been told your whole life, you can live a more fulfilled, happier life.

Knowing This Makes You Wonder, "How Do You Find True Love"? Think About It!

Let me ask you a question, "How can you truly be loved by someone if they don't know the real authentic you"? They may say they love you, however they love the person you are pretending to be. You know this. So, you never feel totally loved by them because you know they love the you that you are portraying. How can you possibly feel good about someone loving you, if you know they don't really know the genuine you?

What is your why for not being the real you? Do you think if you show your true self you will die? Will your friends beat you up, make fun of you or just tell you to get lost?

What if one of your friends is just like you? And they are just acting that way to impress the gang. You could find a true friend to spend quality time within your own gang. It may not happen but if it doesn't you can find new friends by going to places, they hang out and showing your true colors.

Find People with the Same Interests!
Start Enjoying Your Life

Once you can get control and start living your life as the authentic you, you will attract people with the same ideas and beliefs. It is much easier to be yourself when you show people the real you.

You can start being with people with the same beliefs and therefore your subconscious will pick up the right information that is true for you.

Start by forcing yourself to say and do the things you truly believe. If you hear information you do not believe, push it away and replace it with your own thoughts of how you see these things. Do this regularly for a few weeks and your subconscious will believe the new thoughts and act accordingly.

Force yourself to behave the way you truly see yourself. Hang around in groups of people with the same beliefs. Before you know it, you will attract the right people into your life that you want to make you happy. You will no longer have to pretend to be someone you are not.

Are You Ready to Live an Authentic Life?
Start Now! Start Today!

Life is too short to spend it being somebody else. You are special and unique. There is no one exactly like you in the entire Universe.

You have talents and gifts that were meant to be shared with this world. It is your responsibility to share them.

You could change the world and make it a better place for the people around you. Take the risk and start showing your true colors. You deserve to live an authentic life.

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